Our process

Gathering a meeting
Extracting all the details related to the design and discussing the proposal offered. This ensures that the project is initiated with a common understanding.

5Design Draft
Our creative director as well as our designers will conduct online research on competitors and draw the website site map and architecture plan. Then they get back to their drawing boards to create the first draft of the website and review with the client for feedback and finalization.

6Customization and Configuration
We will start coding the website and adding dynamic functions required. Our programmers will start writing the code and well as our flash designers are working in the flash requirements in the website.

 1Finalize and revision
Now the website is build up and we start adding all content and necessary images. After testing the functionality and bugs of the website we revise the content with the client as we expect to undertake detailed testing during the final stages of the project.

Our professional training team will train the client on how to use the website, edit emend content and pages. we will hear the client 

4Go Live
Once the web site with all its bells and whistles is reviewed by the client. The website will go Live. If the client requested a internet marketing campaign it will begin at this stage.