Our Team

Our Team The idea is not just the number but the quality of our employees. In Bit&Bits, we are proud to have the best talented professionals who are highly selected by our extremely gifted, extremely selective management. Our team is selected based on their creativity, experience and commitment; in addition, to their solid skills and […] Read More

Our process

Our process Gathering a meetingExtracting all the details related to the design and discussing the proposal offered. This ensures that the project is initiated with a common understanding. Design DraftOur creative director as well as our designers will conduct online research on competitors and draw the website site map and architecture plan. Then they get […] Read More

What set us apart?

What set us apart? At Bit&Bits, we believe that there are factors for the business success. The combination of these factors results in great achievements. In Bit&Bits, the factors that proudly set us apart are the perfect combination of: Experience & Expertise Our wide range of exposure gives Bit&Bits a respectable experience and up-to-dated expertise […] Read More

Who we are?

Who we are? Egyptian Company for Internet Services (Bit&Bits) is highly motivated company working in the IT field; we offer Web Design & Development, Branding & Corporate identity, Internet Marketing, Interactive Multimedia, Hosting Solutions and Offshore Outsourcing. Bit&Bits strength is in providing businesses with comprehensive and professional Internet solutions aimed at helping small and medium […] Read More